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we have in the pasted got a lot complaints about trying to get to are blogs so I, Nattar, set up links to all of are blogs. all so if you want to contact both 39-the-wolf at the same time or just one of us we have a new blog called dragon and Wolf Studios which has a ask button on it, I made this blog because 39 and I would really like not keep the ask box on are story blogs just for story. so if you have any questions for the mods go a head and ask us them on ether of are mod blogs or on dragon and Wolf Studios. thank you.

D’awwwww<3 Chicken loves hugs!



Hello dear friends, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates 39 still does not have a new computer, she just became a lisenced security guard and is hoping to get a job in the next couple of weeks with the firm that trained her so it will be a couple months before she can afford a computer hold tight we are going to make a comeback . I, myself just got out of the hospital having had a miner surgery to remove an infection from a toe, I was all so there because I have a fever of 102. I am doing better now. I all so want to let you know that even though 39 and I have not put any new parts to are stories up recently, we are hard at work writing and improving the upcoming stories for the Scruple, Dragonfly , Crowquill , are newest blog FobWatch (a doctor whooves blog for those who like doctor who and not found out what fobwatch is) , and we have plans for a probable another blog which we probably won’t do until further on in the story, yes I said story because all are blogs are ONE big story. You can expect to see this blogs crossing aver together now and then.

Now let me give you a couple little spoilers to tide you over until we get things moving again


For Scruple:

There are more siblings then he knows about and they may show up in the other blogs as full on characters in upcoming story arks

Scruple will finally meet his mom from his universe, I know he has met the one of the Lunas with Discordtoon that is cannon but it’s not his from his universe

The Cheshire cats that has appeared in Scruple is named Chester he will be a reaching character for all the blogs



Dragonfly ( for now Discord from are universe is in his blog I am certainly righting the next couple sets with him in it and it would really help if people  would ask his some things because he will be going to be leaving that blog soon so ask quick be for he snaps out of it) ok now dragon fly spoilers:

Dragon has actually shown up in Pinkie’s dream and if you asking he may tell you why

his dad will be Fobwatch but not this regeneration of him

he is older than he looks

if you don’t know already the dragonfly who landed on scruples head is him in a later point in time then the one who just met Crowquill



her back story is coming and she does not even know it and let me tell you after she remembers the blog is going to be getting vary exciting, at least 39 and I hope you find it so.

Things you should ask about is her time in Manehatten and how she met Voice Over.

Or even “what is the earliest you can remember?”



we will be giving you the actual beginning of the story

we will be doing it in series we have 6 stories planned for it. 

the master will be showing up but this one will not be a separate blog but if you wish to ask him things you can through Fobwatch’s blog but don’t yet until we get to him because you should at least meet him first its only polite

the mane 6 will show up in this blog now and then, but they can’t be as close as they once were

Twilight will be getting some guards some will be familiar with, some you might not (not dragonfly well not for a 1000 years more or less )

39 will have to do a couple commissions before she bring the blogs back to life 2 of them are started so it should not take too long. She is going to hopefully work on my last years birthday present too, but I don’t mind if she does not get it done till my next birthday in may. she has been putting it off because she and I wanted to get more set up on the blogs. I hope all of you are doing well and MY TOE REALLY HURTS. Sorry it does I only got out of the hospital a couple does ago so it has barely started healing. Any way I wish all of you the best I need to get back to work on this FobWatch story. Oh, how I love our Cheshire cat.


ONE LAST NOTE! We could really use either guest artists or a secondary artist. Balancing work, real life, and all the stories. If anyone is interest please let Nattar the Time Dragon know. You will receive scripts from us.  

Sincerely Nattar the Time Dragon and 39-TheWolf



Golden Age on Cybertron

TFP Cybertron golden ageby *GoddessMechanic







Mod: Hello everyone! So as you all may know I had surgery last month to have a tumor removed from my sinuses and it is all cleared out now! Unfortunately recovery has taken me longer than expected so my paychecks since then have been lacking. I am short $350 this month for my rent and could really use some help. Please email me if you want a commission and thank you again. 

Likes are Nice but reblogs spread the word. Thank you all for everything (also update is soon I have several panels done already) 

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Baby dragons are essentially winged, fire-breathing cats.

This is fucking CUTE!
borrowing Nattar’s computer.


(All righty, friends! At long last we have the first half of the Halloween raffle winners! The second half will be coming shortly, depending on what responses I get! Due to the lengthy hesitation in posting this, the last five winners of the raffle, originally having only the option of a watercolor piece, now have the option of a water-color OR flat color, like these! If not, I will automatically be doing my water-colors.

Thanks again for being so patient! Here’s a list of people these lovely characters belong to, from top to bottom!

Kayla Tracymod

Magical Muffins Vintage


By the way! See that last pair there? Those both belong to Crowquill’s mod, who is in some pretty dire trouble! If you could go over, take a peek, maybe donate, or at least send some words of encouragement their way, that’d be terrific!

Thanks again to everyone for being so patient; I’m deeply flattered I have not yet been justifiably assaulted with proddings or pokings about these raffle prizes!

Keep an eye out for the next five winners!)

weee crow and scruple look cute <3

thank you


we are up to $100 now its going to be a really big help, A RILLY BIG HELP!!!this is giving me hope, some thing i lost.


to the person who donated $50 HOLY CRAP THANKS!! We are still wrapping our heads around what is happening. But thank you so so much. It really does help and gives us some hope that things will get better.

It never stops, I am with out some ware to live agin if you can please help


well to day i find out i have to be out of the grandparents house i have bin living at by Tuesday and i have no job and no ware to go except back to my parents house ware i will become a prisoner again….. i don’t know what to do   help some one, any one , please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my best friend can have me for a week after that there is not a place i can go . and to top it off my cell phone is out of minutes so i cant call any one. if any one can spare a little money even a dollar please donate it to 39 the wolf’s donate button i don’t have one set up but she can help me get to it if i have some money through that i can get my phone working and have money for food and transportation to friends house  if any of my friends can have me for a night that is , so please please this is life or death please!!!!!!!!!!!


I can’t think, I can’t help… I’m completely broke… using the last of my money for bus money. Why does everyone around him try to decide what will happen without fucking TALKING to him about it in advanced! I think I’m breaking. Because I talked to his grandmother and she didn’t even think he could get a job as soon as this… so why? WHY? It’s not like his uncle doesn’t have an apartment elsewhere… so why… why… why?

Please help… outside help seems to be one of our only hopes… please….

~39-TheWolf desperately looking for a break


well to day i find out i have to be out of the grandparents house i have bin living at by Tuesday and i have no job and no ware to go except back to my parents house ware i will become a prisoner again….. i don’t know what to do help some one, any one , please…

Natta couch surfs? Sorry I couldn't help but read that on Jestres thing.

well he sort of is. He’s been staying at his grandparents for the last two months, but this isn’t permanent. He needs a place of his own but doesn’t have income. I don’t have income either… can’t go back to school yet because I have no tuition.

Thanks so much to Jitters for spreading the word

You really are a good friend. We just are in a great need of help. DX it’s not just for my art, it’s for a connection to another life. A lifeline. So thanks you Jitters for being such a wonderful support. You really are an awesome guy. <3 best online buddy we could have.

Well it sucks that I can’t fix my comp… and can’t get a new one any time soon….

Well yeah…. still in a pinch and needing money for a new comp. I can’t get one until…. well close to April. Phone charges are a bitch and I’m using my mom’s computer right now. Sucks. I can’t do anything. I’ve not gotten any callbacks so it’s not like I can just use my own money to get one. I feel bad for asking for this, but Nattar and I need to be able to contact one another. For his sake. For his sanity. And I know that sounds ridiculous, but tell that to someone who has been bullied by his own parents for 20 years and held captive. It gets to you. And I, 39, am one of the few things that keeps him stable. And he has gotten a lot better, but we still have a LONG way to go and we just need a little help. Just an itty bit. Hell if I get a new computer I’ll start looking into making t-shirts or something. Just PLEASE give us a little help. donation button right here on my main page.

hi was planning on starting a blog but I don't know how could you maybe give me some advice

Well I guess have an idea and a character you are really invested in. A character that becomes 3 dimensional the more you write them. Story can always come later, just start with the ideas and some backstory, but then the questions can help form the character and the story. That’s really all I got. Good luck. ^^